From Stella Polare

Its name and the basis of the current structure was born in 1958, when two brothers, as heirs of the “old” Bagno Stella Polare, built two twin structures, continuing the activities and maintaining each part of the original name and giving rise to “North Star” and “South Star”.
The “Stella Polare”, one of the three historic baths of the Marina of Torre del Lago, was born at the beginning of the twentieth century with precarious structures and pioneering activities, which take shape and slowly improve over time until the forties.
All the structures, then in wood, were dismantled during the war. After the conflict they were reassembled into a new location and they were joined by other concessions corresponding to the current situation of the navy.
The Stella Nord bath, with the continuity of family management, has followed over time a policy of continuous improvement of the aesthetic level, of the equipment and of the quality of the services, obtaining acknowledgments from customers, many of whom have been present for several generations.

From 1910 to today